Tuesday, August 24, 2010

$12 Tutu Tuesdays!!

Every Tuesday is your chance to get a tutu for $12. That includes shipping to the US. Outside the US & want one? Just let me know! 1 layer of super fluffy tulle on a 'grow with me' waistband (probably about a 5T). Up to 4 colors of your choice. Just visit & fan Crafty Momma's World on Facebook. Then click on Shop Now!

Monday, May 31, 2010

And the winner is...

I couldn't figure out how to get this into the blog with out the numbers changing so I took a picture of the random number. I will contact this person.

Monday, May 24, 2010


I want to do a contest for my facebook fans. I will leave it open until May 31st at midnight EST. Become a fan on facebook & leave a comment under the discussions tab. Tell me what your favorite item is &/or what you would like to see in my shop. Blog/post on facebook about this comment & you can leave another note under the discussion with a link. If someone refers you to my shop let me know & that person will get another entry! The winner will be chosen at random. I'll use one of those random number generator things. The winner will get to chose between a few different items. A set of clippies will be one choice. I'll have an option for those who don't have a little girl or child. Not sure what exactly yet, but I will update this when I figure that out.

ETA: If you make a purchase you will also get an extra entry!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tutu model

Q modeling her hot pink zebra tutu. Thanks Whitney!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Price guide

I don't know where this is easiest to post since I don't have everything listed on Etsy & I don't know if it's "proper" list on Facebook, but I will toss this link in the discussion tab.

Grosgrain covered clip: $1.75/ 2 (any 2 or matching set)
Grosgrain covered clip with applique: $2.50/2 (any 2 or matching set)
Grosgrain covered clip with bow or flower: $3.50 each
Grosgrain covered clip with ostrich puff: $4.50
Grosgrain covered clip with bow & bottle cap: $5.00 each
(The above clips are single prong ~1.75" alligator clips that are partially to fully lined with 3/8" grosgrain ribbon. No slip can be added to any clip for 10cents.)

Crochet beanie with bow or flower clip: $9.00 (add on a bottle cap to any bow clip for $1.50)
Cotton beanie with bow or flower (sewn on): $7.00

1.5" crochet headband with bow or flower clip: $5.00
2.75" crochet headband with bow or flower clip: $5.5o
1/4" skinny headband with bow or flower (sewn on): $4.00

Add ons:
No slip: +10cents
Bottle cap: +$1.00

Tutu: $15.00 & up
Add a flower or bow: +$1.00
Add on a matching crochet headband with flower or bow clip: +$4.00
Tutu dress: $25 & up

Friday, April 16, 2010


I currently have the following materials in to make a cute d-ring belt for your little girl or boy. Sizes (message me if you need something different.):

0- 6 Months = 20 inch Belt

6 - 12 Months = 21 inch Belt

12 Months - 18 Months = 22 inch Belt

2T = 22 inch Belt

3T Regular = 24 inch Belt

4T Regular = 24 inch Belt

Future hair accessories

I have crochet baby beanies & cotton beanies that can be customized with either a bow or flower.

I have crochet headbands - one size fits most, that can be customized with either a bow or flower.

I also have skinny headbands - of course those can be customized, too!

Clippies coming soon!!

Oh so pretty sundresses

I have 2 completed & a few other fabric options. Currently they only come in sizes 6-12 months, 12-18 months & 18-24 months. You can let me customize it or you can! All trim & embellishments are hand sewn on.


I've already had a couple custom orders for these & another fun one in the works.
This Chocolate & Baby Pink 10" tutu is perfect for newborn pictures. Bottom layer is 10" & top layer is 6".

This Pretty in Pink was made with well over 100 yards of fluffy soft tulle in pink & hot pink. This is a 12" double layer tutu. Bottom, hot pink, being 12" & the top layer, pink, is 9". Matching crochet headband.


Welcome to my little side project/"shop". Become a fan on Facebook by searching "Crafty Momma's World" & check my store out on Esty. If you see something you like but you want to customize it just leave me a message here, on Etsy or on Facebook.